Valenti Toyota Alphard Vellfire20 Revo Series Jewel LED Tail lamp



Valenti toyota Alphard Vellfire20 Jewel LED tail lamp REVO series will be added. 
A turn signal flowing, the user long-awaited.
■ flow action blinker (flowing turn signal) adopted!
It became a security standard conform even in Japan "flow action turn signal",
Valenti first adopted in this Alp/Vell20 for the fire in the I LED tail lamp! 
Of course also becomes adapted to the safety standards, 
"flowing" only by changing a part of the connection 
 of the wiring configuration of the "no flow" is also easy to change.
■ adopted both sides total 52LED & 24LED light bar!
Lighting by the LED light bar will produce a fantastic rear view, 
and then nailed the eye of the following vehicle. 
Commitment user also very happy mistake none.
Small / brake, all LED model adopted high brightness LED for all blinker. 
In addition, the brake lights genuine to have also been adopted, 
by the emission of the LED chip is not directly visible "reflective", 
the stylish impression in the off state.
■ choose to your liking or vehicle, rich colors of the four colors × 2 colors 
(a total of 8 pattern)!
Tail lamp body 4 colors: 
(clear / chrome clear / Red Chrome Red lens / chrome Light smoke / black chrome)
Garnish two colors: chrome garnish & Black chrome garnish
Lineup the two colors of the garnish to fit your car in the rear hatch garnish color


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